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                • 龙虎游戏官方下载


                • 产品描述:国瑞牌龙虎游戏官方下载,无石♀棉微孔龙虎游戏官方下载/管广泛╳用于电力、冶金、石化、建筑、船ぷ舶等领域。特别近几年城市集中供热采用的地下直埋管道工艺,选用硅酸钙、减少了地上附着物,增加了城▽市美化。
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                • 产品材质说明█

                • 无石棉微孔龙虎游戏官方下载是由硅藻土,增强纤维等原料混合,经模压、高温蒸氧工艺制成板。产品具有耐温度高、绝热性能好、强度高、耐久性好、无腐蚀、无污染等◢优点。广泛用于电力、冶金、石化、建筑、船舶等领▂域。特别近几年城市集中供热采用的地下直埋管道工艺,选用硅酸钙、减少了地上附着物,增加了城市美化。

                • 适用范围

                • 适用于钢铁、石化、陶瓷、玻璃、水泥,外墙保温等及各种炉窑的保温,电力、机械、电子、造船等行业㊣的保温隔热。

                • 产品主要特点

                  1、耐温度65O℃-1050℃,比超细玻璃棉制品高 30O℃-700℃,比膨胀珍珠岩制品高150℃-550℃。
                  2、导⊙热系数低(γ≤0。56w/m。k) 远远低于其它的硬质保∩温材料以及复合硅酸盐保温材料。


                • Product material description
                  Asbestos-free micro-porous calcium silicate insulation products are made of diatomite, reinforced fibers and other raw materials, which are mixed and processed by moulding and high temperature steaming. The product has the advantages of high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation, high strength, good durability, no corrosion, no pollution and so on. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, ship and other fields. Especially in recent years, the underground direct buried pipeline technology for urban central heating has been adopted. Calcium silicate has been selected to reduce the attachment on the ground and increase the beautification of the city.
                  Scope of application
                  It is suitable for steel, petrochemical, ceramics, glass, cement, exterior wall insulation and various kilns, electric power, machinery, electronics, shipbuilding and other industries.

                  Main features of products
                  1. Temperature resistance is 65O C-1050 C, 30O C-700 C higher than that of superfine glass wool products and 150 C-550 C higher than that of expanded perlite products.
                  2. Low thermal conductivity (gamma < 0). 56w/m. K) far lower than other hard insulation materials and composite silicate insulation materials.
                  3. Small bulk density, the lowest weight in rigid insulation materials, thinner insulation layer, in the construction can greatly reduce the rigid support, installation labor intensity is low.
                  4. The thermal insulation product is non-toxic, odorless, non-flammable and has high mechanical strength.
                  5. Construction safety and convenience.
                  6. The product can be used repeatedly for a long period of time, and can be used for several decades without reducing the technical specifications.
                  7. It has white appearance, beautiful and smooth appearance, good flexural strength and compressive strength, and low loss in transportation and use.